Faces of Vintage 2019

As the temperatures begin to drop and the southern hemisphere heads into autumn, the Saint Clair Family Estate welcomes harvest interns from all over the globe to work with us here in Marlborough. Between the months of February and April our winery goes into overdrive as grapes from our surrounding vineyards are brought in to be made into wine.

It’s a busy and exciting time of the year and one that we couldn’t do without the hard and dedicated work from our harvest team. Before the season was in full swing we had a quick chat with a few of our interns about where they come from and what brought them to this part of the world.


Mark – NZ

From Marlborough, this is Mark’s first vintage. As co-owner of CrossFit Blenheim he had met many Saint Clair employees who encouraged him to come and give harvest a go. Mark loves Pinot Noir and Rosé.

Noah – USA

Noah grew up outside of Manhattan. This is his second vintage, his first was in the Napa Valley in California. Noah decided to seek out a harvest intern position at Saint Clair after hearing good recommendations from workmates at Mending Wall winery. Noah enjoys Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Lenka – Czech Republic

Lenka has returned to Saint Clair for her second vintage with us but was initially drawn to New Zealand for an adventure. Her favourite wine is Chardonnay.

Beatrice – Italy

This is Beatrice’s first vintage with Saint Clair but has experience working two harvests previously in Australia. She came to NZ as it is close to Australia and a similar environment to Tasmania. Beatrice enjoys a Cabernet Sauvignon.

Amalia – USA

Amalia was drawn to New Zealand as a place to work because she has always wanted to explore the country and experience working with New Zealand wine. She has completed six vintages prior to coming to work for us at Saint Clair.

Ana – Romania

Ana has a lot of experience in the wine industry with 2019 being her fifth vintage. She had always wanted to experience working and living in New Zealand so took the chance when it arose. She says she’s diplomatic when it comes to wine and loves all varieties equally.

Beth – USA

From Finger Lakes in the state of New York, this is Beth’s first time working in the New Zealand wine industry. Her favourite wine is Riesling.

Andrea – Italy

It has always been a dream of Andea’s to come to New Zealand and discover a new way of making wine. Although he’s partial to an Italian red wine he also enjoys an aged Sauvignon Blanc.

Marek – Slovakia

This is Marek’s first vintage outside of his home country, having completed four seasons before coming to New Zealand. His favourite wine is anything from the Barossa Valley.

Alberto – Spain

Alberto comes from the Canary Islands and has spent three years working there for his family winery. With a lot of experience in the wine industry, Alberto has completed a vintage in Bordeaux but was drawn to NZ to improve his English and experience a harvest here. Alberto says it’s too hard to choose his favourite wine.

Rosalyn – New Zealand

Rosalyn met our senior winemaker, Hamish Clark, and became interested in completing a harvest with Saint Clair. Rosalyn’s favourite wine is Chardonnay.

Nikhil – India

This is Nikhil’s second harvest with Saint Clair. He enjoys the people he works with and the environment here at the winery. His favourite wines are Sauvignon Blanc and Tempranillo.

Luca – Italy

Although Luca has completed six vintages all around the world, this is his first with Saint Clair. After studying winemaking he wanted to come to New Zealand to see how things were done here. His favourite wine is a Pinot Noir from Burgundy.

Karo – Malaysia

This will be Karo’s fourth vintage with Saint Clair. She enjoys the work environment here and the people. Her favourite wine is Malbec.

Clement – France

This will be Clement’s seventh vintage but first in New Zealand. Eight years ago he decided he would work here in New Zealand and now that time has finally come. Clement enjoys Pinot Noir.



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