Saint Clair James Sinclair
The James Sinclair wines are a true expression of the sub-regionally sourced quality grapes displaying opulent fruit expression with a clean fresh style.

James Sinclair was one of the earliest settlers and influential men in Marlborough. He was a land agent, banker, hotelier and merchant and became known as the King of the Beaver. His family originally owned the land where Neal and Judy Ibbotson, owners of Saint Clair, first planted their vines in 1978.

The James Sinclair story is of great significance to the Saint Clair brand. The Saint Clair name originates from the vineyard property, first settled by the Sinclair family.

Pioneer James Sinclair built one of the first homes in Blenheim and was closely associated with the early development of the town. Over time the name of the property reverted to the original Saint Clair.

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