Our Most Infatuating Blend Yet

Saint Clair Family Estate is thrilled to be part of Jelly Tip July – an exciting collaboration with some of New Zealand’s most well-known brands and chefs in tribute to the iconic ice cream.

Giapo imageJelly Tip is a combination of creamy Tip Top vanilla ice cream, delicious raspberry flavoured jelly and chocolate.

In celebration of Jelly Tip July, a range of limited edition products and promotions has been created, including an adult version of the Jelly Tip available at Giapo Haute Ice Cream shop in Auckland.

Giapo owner Giapo Grazioli says his ice cream – which is almost too beautiful to eat – has been created using the plumpest of vanilla beans from Tonga sourced by Heilala.

The tip at the top is a skin of a delicious jelly made with raspberry and paired with the prestigious award winning Saint Clair Pioneer Block 3 Sauvignon Blanc.

The waffle cone is dipped in a delicate cru dark São Thomé chocolate provided by quality European chocolate suppliers Reso and the hand decorated.

The creation, reminiscent of a raspberry sitting on a cone, was made with a 3D printer to create the silicone moulds for the jelly tip.

While inspired by Jelly Tip, he wanted to give it a sophisticated twist – and Saint Clair’s award winning wines were the perfect partner for Giapo’s luxury ice cream, Giapo said.

“I have been a fan of Saint Clair wine for a while now, having used the Sauvignon Blanc in a Giapo sorbet.

“For our Jelly Tip, we’ve used Saint Clair wine in the raspberry jelly to give a different flavour intensity and impart a perception of elegance.”

Saint Clair founder and managing director Neal Ibbotson says the Giapo Jelly Tip is a fun way to bring the classic ice cream into the 21st Century.

“The Jelly Tip’s been around for a while now – almost as long as me, which is saying something.

“It’s exciting to be a part of something that inspires such nostalgia among so many Kiwis.”

Award-winning Auckland eateries including Al Brown’s Depot and the Food Truck Garage will also be taking up the challenge to make their own Jelly Tip creations throughout the month.

Whittaker’s and Griffin’s have also incorporated the Jelly Tip flavours into their own limited edition creations.

Join the fun and share your jovial, joyous, jiggly jelly tipped treats with #JellyTipJuly.

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