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9th Feb 2022

Once again Saint Clair is at the forefront of the wine review pages in the Cuisine Magazine. Any regular reader will often see Saint Clair wines in the line-up. In January 2021 issue, Saint Clair excelled in the tasting with five of the seven 5-star rated Sauvignon Blanc wines. The Cuisine issue number 205 that hit the shelves in April 2021, showcased excellence from Saint Clair within the Pinot Noir tasting. This time February 2022, it is the Saint Clair aromatic wines which rise to the top.

Saint Clair Pioneer Block 12, Lone Gum Gewürztraminer 2021, has ranked 5 stars and Number 1.

Saint Clair Pioneer Block 9, Big John Riesling 2019, has been rated 5 stars and Number 2.  

Saint Clair Pioneer Block 28, Camp Block Pinot Blanc 2019, has been rated 5 stars and Number 3!

Amongst this and to be commended and not forgotten, is the 4-star rating for the Saint Clair Pioneer Block 5 Bull Block Pinot Gris 2019.

Looking for something special to go with your lightly spiced or aromatic cuisine, look no further than any of the aforementioned. These wines all over deliver on quality and are outstanding value for money.

Some believe Saint Clair are specialist Sauvignon Blanc producers and indeed they are, however, these results clearly reflect that the family-owned Marlborough wine producer also produces quality wines across some of the lesser-known varietals. Get yourself a copy of the magazine (Cuisine issue number 210) on sale now and learn some more about some of the best wines available.

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