Saint Clair talent wows the world

Te Ata on stage at Wellington's World of Wearable Art Show, modelling Broach This Subject

Te Ata on stage at Wellington’s World of Wearable Art Show, modelling Broach This Subject

We’ve got some talented people in the Saint Clair team, including our administration assistant Te Ata Tuhimata who is back on board after a four-week stint modelling in Wellington for the 2014 World of Wearable Art Show (WOW).

Te Ata was one of 40 models selected to perform in the annual event, which showcases weird and wacky garments created by designers from around the world.

The 19-year-old has been modelling since she was 15, and was thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of such a well-known event.

“It’s been running for 25 years, and grown from a fun local event, to a highlight on the New Zealand fashion calendar.”

Te Ata has previously done fashion shoots for Blenheim department store Thomas’s, the Nelson, Marlborough lifestyle magazine Wild Tomato and local photographer Jim Tannock. Wow is completely different from any other fashion show she’s done before, she said.

“It was all about owning the outfit, really bringing the garments to life, rather than making it look pretty.”

Te Ata modelled three costumes on stage – Metamorphosis, Broach The Subject and Girl With Zero Size, which made for quick costume changes throughout the show.

“We’d show up three hours prior to the show to get our hair and makeup done, and there’s always a big rush before going on stage, then I’d spend four minutes on stage, then rush off and get changed into my next outfit in about two minutes flat.”

Te Ata in a photo shoot for Moutere Hills Photography in the Pelorus River, Marlborough.

Te Ata in a photo shoot for Moutere Hills Photography in the Pelorus River, Marlborough.

Despite the hectic buzz backstage, everything ran smoothly – although she did have a close call mid-way through the first week.

“I got up to the curtain, waiting to go onstage, and realised I’d forgotten to clip on my head and arm piece.  So there was a bit of a rush at the last second, by my dresser got me sorted in time.”

One of the highlights of being part of the show was making friends with the other models, although she was pleased to be back at work on Tuesday, she said.

“Everyone has been so encouraging, I couldn’t have done it without Saint Clair being so flexible and supportive.”

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