The Earth Moves at Saint Clair Family Estate

On Friday afternoon an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.6 hit the Marlborough region and the Saint Clair Family Estate winery.

All our staff followed the DROP, COVER and HOLD procedure immediately in safe areas throughout the winery while experiencing the massive tremor. Following the severe shake, all staff members were fully evacuated to our assembly point behind the winery.

Although our staff were shaken and frightened we’re very happy that no one was injured.

Our winery suffered some minor tank damage and we lost a little bit of wine.

The important thing is that all our staff are safe and now recovering from the stressful event. A team meeting on Monday assisted with collating thoughts and ideas on the safety and evacuation plans that are in place.

It’s business as normal at the winery where we continue to focus on producing world class wines.

The image below shows the amount of earthquakes our region has had in July in August !


Quakes between July and August

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