Vintage 2017

Saint Clair Family Estate are excited by the 2017 vintage wines despite navigating challenging weather conditions over the harvest period.

Saint Clair has a purpose-built winery that was constructed with increased front end capacity. This provides for a large and fast intake, when required over a short period of time. This additional capacity paid great dividends over the 2017 harvest.

Earlier ripening varietals have had an excellent season with Pinot Noir looking exceptional. Chardonnay and the aromatics have also performed very well with an abundance of primary fruit characters in the fermented juices.

Sauvignon Blanc was a challenging varietal for 2017 with successive autumn rain events, however very close vineyard fruit monitoring by our winemakers, allowed fruit to be harvested at optimum vintage flavours.

The fruit at the winery was pressed off immediately to minimise skin contact and preserve the clean, fresh flavours that Saint Clair Sauvignon Blanc is world famous for.

The initial Sauvignon Blanc grading is now complete and Saint Clair winemakers are incredibly pleased with the qualities and the flavour spectrums.

The world demand for quality Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough continues to rise at 10% per annum and Saint Clair’s harvest is expected to be able to supply this growing export requirement.

Saint Clair are incredibly excited to see the efforts of the vineyards crafted by the winemaking team to satisfy and excite customers all around the world.

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