Vintage Report Saint Clair Family Estate 2024

Saint Clair Family Estate is thrilled with a successful harvest of vintage 2024.

The grape harvest is dictated by multiple factors across a period of months in the lead up with a large part dependent on weather patterns at critical times of the grape development. The 2024 vintage was affected by cool spring weather particularly during the flowering period indicated at this very early stage that crop levels could be down.   

The Marlborough grape harvest typically takes place from late February to mid-April, depending on the weather and ripening conditions. This vintage commenced early with the first fruit arriving February 28th and the winery moved to being fully operational 24 hours a day on 13th March. The harvest was quick and finished early with all fruit received before the end of March.

The grape harvest itself could be described as one of the smoothest or easiest in as long as one can recall due to exceptionally dry fine weather. Low crop levels and beautiful clean fruit of amazing quality will see Saint Clair wines that will be packed with flavour and intensity.
The warm and dry weather during and throughout harvest meant that the fruit on the vines did ripen quickly. Some say that this vintage was Marlborough’s hottest? and driest ever, further exacerbated by the strong prevailing summer North Westerly winds.  Whilst there were some challenges and pressure on the water supply, Mother Nature was kind, and there was enough soil moisture to last the season.
Saint Clair has winemakers in the field tasting for flavour all the time throughout the harvest period and when the fruit meets the perfect physiological ripeness it is immediately harvested and transported to the winery. Saint Clair winery has the capacity to receive the fruit at the required time, which means that there is no delay or waiting and leaving fruit ripening further on the vine.

The vintage crew arrived prior to harvest to allow time for learning and training prior to the fruit coming in. This year Saint Clair sorted through over 700 applicants from all around the world looking to work harvest at the winery.

The 35 selected were from 20 different nationalities. A number of returnees were welcomed as it is always great to have those returnees that know the processes and procedures at Saint Clair and we love seeing familiar faces join the family. We also love welcoming anyone new and showing them what Saint Clair vintage is all about.

Saint Clair cares for the vintage team by providing a pre vintage boat trip in the Marlborough Sounds which is thoroughly enjoyed by all. A number of other events are also well received including wine tastings, vineyard tours, fun in-house competitions, wine making projects, lunch from around the world and a post-harvest dance party.

2024 vintage is light in volume but looking like it is of exceptional quality. Certainly, one to remember. Everything looked pristine on arrival, the fruit is now tucked away and working its magic. Now we celebrate the end of another successful harvest with a Saint Clair wine or two.



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