Vintage report Saint Clair Family Estate 28/03/2014

clairSaint Clair Family Estate has had an earlier-than-usual start to harvest in Marlborough this year, thanks to warm flowering and ripening conditions.

For the first time ever, harvested grapes were delivered to the winery on the same day as our annual induction barbecue, 12 days earlier than last year.

Every year we welcome our cellar interns from all around the world with a staff barbecue, where the entire team introduces themselves and get to know each other before the hard work begins.

With half our pinot noir harvested, and the our main grape variety, sauvignon blanc starting to come in, vintage 2014 is now in full swing.

We’ll be keeping you up-to-date with all our vintage news and antics, so stay tuned, we’ll have more for you next week.

This years interns at our welcome BBQ:

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