Welcome Team!

Saint Clair would like to extend a warm welcome to three of our newest team members here in Marlborough.

Introducing… Nick Williamson, Rachel Thomson, and Katie Bruce


Nick Saint Clair's newest Account Manager left the UK with the intention of having a career break and travelling around New Zealand for 12 months back in 2019. Upon arrival, he instantly felt at home, which lead to almost three years of travelling around New Zealand. Now he is starting to get settled in Marlborough and is looking at making New Zealand his permanent home. Nick’s first week was stranger than most due to the dreaded Covid regulations that meant some staff (including himself) were required to work from home, but he still felt warmly welcomed. As Marlborough is the home of New Zealand wine, he’d toyed with the idea of getting a job in the industry for a while and believes he quotes, “fell on my feet with this role and Saint Clair”. Nick looks forward to expanding his wine knowledge and finding new favorites.

Rachel Our HR Advisor and her family relocated from Auckland to Marlborough last year, after husband Alistair landed a role with the Marlborough Tour Company. Having left a long-term corporate career just before Covid, Rachel was excited to work for a family business in an industry that she’s passionate about. After doing a short wine course in preparation for the move to Marlborough, she is now keener than ever to learn all she can about the wine-making process and wider industry. Rachel mentions being in awe of the Saint Clair harvest team and the incredible effort they put in, stating “Even as a long-time wine fan, I had no idea just how much hard work goes into making it.” Welcome, Rachel!

Katie has just started her role as our Marketing Assistant. She is a Marlborough girl born and bred. Immersed in the industry from the age of 13, Katie has been set on wine even before she could drink it. After attending the Inaugural school of wine here in Blenheim, she gained three years of industry experience through the Cadetship run by Constellation Brands. Now she has chosen her forever path with the Saint Clair team as our newest Marketing Assistant. Katie Loves the family atmosphere Saint Clair provides and cannot wait to progress in the marketing sector alongside her awesome teammates. She comments that “every day I am learning and growing in this environment, and it truly excites me.”

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