WSET Level 2 Success for Saint Clair Staff

At Saint Clair, our passion for wine runs deep. 

Our mission is to create world-class wines that exceed our customers’ every expectation, which is why we encourage all our staff to upskill and learn as much as they can about wine. 

Recently, three of our team, Warehouse and Staff Facilities Co-ordinator Emily Marrison, Cellar Hand Christelle Heynike and Cellar Master Mike Just attained their WSET level 2, gaining a broad overview of the complex world of wine.

Emily says wine tasting was the most enjoyable aspect of doing the intensive three day course held in Blenheim through the New Zealand School of Wines and Spirits. 

“They had a decent budget for the wine allowance which meant we got to taste some outstanding wines, including a great range of international wines and varieties we don’t usually get to try,” Emily says.
The Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) qualifications are world renowned providers of high-quality wine and spirit education, and gaining their qualifications doesn’t come easy.

“The hardest aspect of the course was how concentrated the learning period was. We had to learn a lot of information in three days, with the exam on the third day,” Emily says.

“Luckily we knew from our work mates who have also done the course, that we needed to do a lot of study beforehand, in order to be prepared for the exam.”

The study has helped the trio immensely in their various fields of work within the company.

For Christelle, the knowledge she gained through the course gave her a greater understanding of the vineyard operations. 
“As a Cellar Hand I already had a solid knowledge of the wine making process but it was really interesting to see the processes used in the vineyard before the grapes get to the winery.”

Emily says she is now able to confidently advise customers about the different varieties of Saint Clair wines and their journeys from vineyard to bottle. 

“Before working at Saint Clair, the only thing I knew about wine was some of it was red and some of it was white. 

“WSET has taught me about the world of wine and I learned a great deal, I’m so grateful for the opportunity to do this fantastic course.”

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