Saint Clair Pioneer Block
Saint Clair's specialist Pioneer Block range comprises small-parcel wines handcrafted to reflect the unique influence of terroir on grape varieties grown within the same region.

The French term terroir describes the individual soils, climate and vineyard locations. These are all factors which play a significant role in creating these special wines. All Pioneer Block wines are numbered according to the vineyard from which the grapes are harvested. Each wine also carries a label name linked to the vineyard origin which tells its own unique story.

These wines are handcrafted from small top-quality parcels of grapes to express the terroir of the specific Pioneer Block vineyard sites. Saint Clair’s winemakers may also use individual winemaking approaches designed to make the most of the parcels of fruit and/or to produce specialist wine styles.

Subtle stylistic differences in the wines reflect both the terroir and the individual nature of the winemaking. Pioneer Block wines are only produced in the best vintage conditions for each variety.

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