Four golds for Saint Clair in IWC

Four Saint Clair wines have been awarded gold medals in the largest International wine competition in North America.

This is the first year Saint Clair has entered the Canada International Wine Championship, and the team are elated with their success.

IWC head of wine waiters Phillipe Lapeyrie says New Zealand was one of the emerging countries to submit wines to the show this year.

“For me, this country [New Zealand] is the future of wine.”

About 1738 wines were entered in the show in 2014, and while 521 were awarded a medal, only 278 received gold.  Entries were blind tasted over five days by 60 wine experts.

Saint Clair’s gold medal-winning winners were:

IWC chair Ghislain K Laflamme says they wanted to make the show well known to wine consumers.

“When they pick up bottles stamped with the International Wine Championship sticker, they recognise them to be among the most famous and best wines ever.”

Sure sounds good to us!

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