Vintage 2014

Harvest commenced earlier than usual in Marlborough this year starting 12 days earlier than in 2013. This came about through warm flowering and ripening conditions.

The dedicated winemaking team were fully prepared for the early start date and focused on ensuring the winery was fully operational 24 hours a day.

As with previous years, the most senior and experienced winemakers spent considerable time in the vineyards at harvest, ensuring the timing of picking was at its optimum with a perfect balance of flavours.

Light but persistent rain at the very end of the vintage added some complication to harvest but improvements to the winery over winter have increased efficiency. Saint Clair were grateful to have most of the fruit received in the winery before the rain commenced and the remaining fruit was received and processed as quickly as possible.

The 2014 vintage was yet another successful vintage. The wine is in the tank and the flavours are concentrated and fresh. Overall quantity is up on last year with some larger crops from the warmer period during fruit set last year.

Senior Winemaker Hamish Clark comments “the quality of the fruit is looking excellent. Early indications bolster our confidence that it has been a very good year especially for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and we’re looking forward to seeing these come into the market.  We have had tastings of the first Sauvignon Blanc tanks that are through the fermentation process and the flavours are outstanding.”

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