How to taste wine with Ibbo

Tasting wine doesn’t need to be complicated or intimidating, according to Saint Clair Family Estate founder and managing director Neal Ibbotson.

He’s not detracting from the hundreds of hours and enormous amounts of expertise that goes into making every single bottle of our wine, but tasting wine is a “personal thing”, Neal says.

Tasting wine is a learning experience that never ends, it’s about taking a couple of seconds during  your first few sips to stop and think critically about the wine – to appreciate the scent, the taste, the feel and the style of wine.

In the Ibbotson household, they’ve developed a very simple method for tasting wines, which turns every single bottle on the dinner table into a talking piece.

Firstly, says Neal – look at the wine in your glass, give it a swirl to release all those lovely scents and have a sniff, see what you notice.  Taste the wine, are there any flavours and characteristics that pop out?  Finally rate the wine – if it’s excellent, give it a 10, if it’s very poor, give it a two or a one.

It’s simple really – wine is made to be enjoyed – so enjoy!


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