Ten Years on the Saint Clair Team

When faced with the job of transitioning a business from its traditional accounting system to a digital one, many would dread the thought.

But Saint Clair Family Estate then-Accounts Assistant, Tracey Gilmore, embraced the task.

This week, Tracey is celebrating 10 years at the winery and points to being a part of making that move for Saint Clair as one of the things she is most proud of.

“When we moved our accounting system to Xero it allowed us to have most of our payable and receivable invoices and statements emailed instead of snail mail.

“This reduced our paper files and printing by a significant amount, which is a huge achievement both environmentally and storage space-wise in our office,” Tracey says.

Now the Onsite Warehouse Supervisor and Administration Assistant at Saint Clair, Tracey’s role has grown to include some less “official” titles over the years, with heavy involvement in the formation of our environmental team, as well as the staff social club.

“I think myself lucky, and I am grateful to the Ibbotson family, that I have been able to include some of my passions at work; namely the environment, to the point where Saint Clair now have their very own “Green Team”, which organised our first ever Green month last year, and we are about to have another one next month,” Tracey says.

“Of course I am not alone in wanting to improve what we are doing environmentally and it is a great feeling and very humbling to work with a number of like minded people at Saint Clair.”

Saint Clair Family Estate director Neal Ibbotson says it has been a pleasure having Tracey on the team for the past decade.

“It was a great day 10 years ago when she first came and worked for Saint Clair,” he says.

“Her warmth and generosity are amazing; her work and organisation skills have been incredible; and the social club is basically founded on Tracey’s ideals, and everybody benefits from that.”

Tracey says it doesn’t feel as if she’s been with the company for 10 years.

“If I didn’t enjoy what I was doing I wouldn’t still be here. I guess because no two days are ever exactly the same, there is always an element of challenge, which is good, and change is as good as a holiday,” she says.

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