Tweet of the week – Week 5 2013

Our Twitter account is so active with people commenting on our wine from all over the place (we now export to 64 countries). We love our followers and all the mentions we get on Twitter as well as the general banter that goes about. We’ve deceided its time for us to start showing some love to you our followers and fans so each week we’ll be chosing our #tweetoftheweek. The #tweetoftheweek winner we’ll recevie something from us at Saint Clair. We’ll continue giving away each week to the #tweetoftheweek winner or until you get bored of us or we get carried away with something else.

Tweet of the Week – Week 5 2013

Our first winner comes from the UK. @njcfowler DM us your address and size and we’ll send you a Saint Clair t-shirt.

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