Earthquake Update from Saint Clair Family Estate

As some of you may be aware we’ve been experiencing some pretty major earthquakes in Marlborough over the past few days.  Here’s a video that shows how many we had in the first 72 hours before the first major quake:

We have had some superficial damage at our winery where some of our tanks tie down bolts have been stretched and will need replacing other tanks have cracked their retaining bolts that hold the bases down to the concrete plinths. A fair few tanks both red and white have shuffled on their bases and in some cases are sitting on slightly bowed legs which will need to be remedied as soon as we can get then empty and repositioned. This damage is not major and the best news of all is that we lost no wine. The joys of living in the Shaky Isles !

Of course our staffs safety is paramount and we have had engineers go through the entire winery to ensure that it is still safe for them to continue working and thankfully it is.

Keep safe our fellow Marlburians !  and everyone else who is feeling these Earthquakes.


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